About Us

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Because We Are South Florida Equipment Rentals

” A couple of years ago, my neighbor and I needed a boom lift to cut trees on my property. I called the local rental company, got pricing, and about fell over. Shortly after, I paid someone to do a tree job that had a lift, they charged a lot, and the job didn’t get done the way I wanted.

So then I started shopping for equipment, realizing it was pretty expensive. I found a low-cost fixer-upper that didn’t run, put some time into it, changed hydraulic hoses, hydraulic seals, tires, painted it, then put it on social media. Next thing you know, many of my friends asked to borrow/rent the lift.” Now we have plenty of new units for rental in South Florida. 

Our Story

Renting Boom Lifts in West Palm Beach was not my original intention, but before long, I started renting my lift out once a month, then once a week, and then daily. South Florida Equipment Rentals was born, and I purchased a second boom lift for our operation. As the demand for rentals grew, we continued to add new boom lifts to the South Florida Equipment Rentals fleet. Over time, my experience grew, and I learned trade secrets such as what to look for in a Boom Lift in South Florida, the amount of maintenance and attention boom lifts require, and the general budget required to grow and advance in the industry.

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We have the equipment you need, when and where you need it

We only provide the Best Heavy Equipment Rentals in South Florida

Here at South Florida Equipment Rentals, we take great pride in helping the community, offering fair prices, and meeting and exceeding their expectations when it comes to renting a boom lift in Palm Beach County. We go above and beyond for our customers and keep the boom lift equipment in excellent working condition. We are grateful to our valued customers for their continued trust and support and will continue to provide the best quality boom lifts in West Palm Beach at the best possible prices in all of South Florida.