60FT Boom Lift

Platform Height: 60ft 7in
Max working height: 66ft 7in (see diagram)
Platform Size: 36 x 96in
Platform Capacity: 500Lbs
Up and over Height: 26ft 7in
Max horizontal reach: 39ft 9in


Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 30 gals
Average Fuel Burn: 1.8 gallons per hour
Drive Speed: 4.5 mph
4WD Gradeability: 45%

Machine Height in stowed position: 8ft 4in
Machine Length in stowed position: 29ft
Machine Width: 8ft
Machine Weight: 24,500lbs

Standard Rate:

1 Day $410

1 Week $1085

4 Weeks $2500

*All rentals come with a full tank of fuel upon drop off, with no additional refueling charge if you return the equipment with an empty tank.

Select the Start Date and End Date for your rental.


Tackle massive projects with ease with the 600AJ Boom Lift. One of the biggest and most capable in its class, it offers a one-stop solution to all your roofing, construction, and tree service jobs that require work at height.

60′ Reach and Capacity of 500lb+

The impressive performance of this articulating boom lift sets it apart from other machines of its class. The platform can be extended up to 60′ (with an extra 6′ added if the platform is moved to the highest position). It can be extended horizontally nearly 40′. Coupled with the large weight capacity, it provides a way to complete tasks at height that require a team of workers to be completed successfully.

Engineered With Challenging Terrain in Mind

A 4WD option ensures that when the going gets tough, this boom lift can keep going. It is capable of remaining safe and stable on a gradient, as well as able to travel over muddy or rough terrain. Ideal for work on-site or tree service work, where workers frequently encounter softer surfaces, this is a machine that can cope with poor weather and a sub-prime surface safely and efficiently.

Fuel Efficiency is a Priority

Fuel can be a costly expense, so a boom lift that uses it sparingly is a good option. This boom lift features a Tier 4 engine, designed with the goal of keeping fuel usage and emissions low. They’re also built with reliability in mind – exactly what you need when you expect your machinery to work as hard and dependably as you do.

Do More, Safely

Worker safety is a priority, which is why tree service companies, roofers, and construction firms are increasingly using boom lifts, rather than relying on ladders, ropework, or crawl boards. Controlled from the platform, the boom lift is a low-risk method of tackling high-risk pieces of work.

The 600AJ Boom Lift Rental – Formidable Performance and Versatility

When you need a rapid, straightforward method of enabling workers to complete projects at height, safely, and easily, the 600AJ Boom Lift is a great solution.