Boom Lift Rentals for Construction in West Palm Beach, FL

Boom lifts, sometimes referred to as cherry pickers or basket cranes, are often associated with tall tree-trimming tasks, but they’re actually incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. Today, many construction companies are renting boom lifts for roofing projects or various types of construction work because of the benefits they offer. Certainly, here in Florida, the fruit tree industry would be quite lost without them, but other industries have begun to rely on boom lift rentals to make their jobs easier and more efficient as well. If you’re a roofing company or construction contractor in West Palm Beach, FL, you might want to consider the advantages of renting a boom lift.

Construction Equipment Rentals worker on a boom lift
A telehandler, with an extended boom on a construction site

No Need to Store It

When you rent a boom lift for your next construction project or roofing project, you don’t have to concern yourself with storage. Businesses that purchase a cherry picker have to store it safely in order to maintain its good condition. If you don’t have space for storing this type of equipment, you’ll also have to invest in storage options. In many cases, if your business rents the boom lift for multiple days, you can continue to rely on the rental company’s storage facilities.

No Maintenance Concerns

Owning any piece of equipment means that maintenance will be a concern and expense. Boom lift rentals for construction or roofing companies may require maintenance, but the renter will not be responsible. The rental company maintains its equipment. It’s up to the rental company to replace worn or damaged parts. It’s up to the rental company to replace old, worn-out equipment.

Articulated boom lift in operation at a construction site
Orange 6K 42FT Telehandler Rental on a concrete surface with overcast skies in the background.

Renting a Boom Lift Is Cheaper than Owning

It’s more cost-effective for many companies to rent boom lifts instead of raising the capital needed to buy such expensive equipment. If your company doesn’t need this type of equipment on a routine basis, it may not make financial sense to purchase these machines, making renting a more reasonable business expense.

Boom Lift Equipment Versatility

There are different makes and models when it comes to boom lifts. If you purchase one, your company will be limited to whatever model you select. When you rent equipment, you can rent precisely the model you need for your upcoming project. Working with a rental company means you can choose the type of equipment that’s ideal for the job you need to perform.

Blue telescopic forklift parked on concrete ground.
Two construction workers using a 32ft Electric Scissor Lift rental for an indoor task.

Boom Lifts Support Accessibility

Boom lift rentals make many jobs more convenient to perform for construction and roofing companies. Some structures are difficult to access, which can make their roofs challenging to repair. In such cases, a boom lift rental can make the job easier and safer, as this equipment is designed for many types of jobs.

If you’re a construction firm in West Palm Beach, FL, or a roofing company, think about how a boom lift rental can benefit your crews and the jobs they do. Choose a boom lift rental company in West Palm Beach, Florida to partner with for your equipment needs.