32ft Electric Scissor Lift

Platform Height: 32ft
Max working height: 38ft
Platform Size: 99in x 44in
Platform Capacity: 700 lbs
Platform Size Extended: 149″


Power: Electric 4 x 6V 220 A-h 27 amp
Number of Occupants : Indoor 2 / Outdoor 1
Platform Capacity: 700 lb

Drive Speed:
Raised : 0.5 mph
Lowered : 2.5 mph

Machine Height in lowered position: 7ft 9in
Machine Length: 8ft 3in
Machine Width: 8ft3ft 10in
Machine Weight: 4,975 lb

Standard Rate:

1 Day $275

1 Week $580

4 Weeks $1050

*All rentals come with a full tank of fuel upon drop off, with no additional refueling charge if you return the equipment with an empty tank.

Select the Start Date and End Date for your rental.


The 32ft Electric Scissor Lift provides safe and versatile vertical access for efficient work at heights.

The 3246 Electric Scissor Lift is a versatile and efficient piece of machinery designed to elevate workers to various heights in a safe and controlled manner. The 3246 Electric Scissor Lift offers an impressive vertical reach, allowing workers to access heights of up to 38ft safely and efficiently.

With a robust platform capacity, it can accommodate multiple workers and necessary equipment simultaneously, ensuring productivity and safety. This scissor lift is designed for easy maneuvering in tight spaces, making it ideal for construction sites, warehouses, and maintenance tasks in confined areas. Equipped with safety mechanisms like guardrails, emergency lowering functions, and non-marking tires to ensure the well-being of operators and those around the lift.

Please note : *All scissor lift rentals come with a full charge upon drop off, and the customer is responsible to recharge the machine as needed throughout rental.

Work platform elevation and elevated driving must only be done on a firm, level surface. It can be driven over uneven terrain only when the platform is fully lowered.