Skid Steer T66


Machine Height: 80.5in

Machine Length: 135in

Machine Width: 67in (68in with bucket)

Machine Weight: 4,975 lb


Power : 74hp Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity: 28.3 Gal

Rated Operating Capacity: 2,450lb

Tipping Load: 7000lb

Machine Weight: 8927 lb

Drive Speed: 7.2mph

Auxiliary Flow: 17.6 gpm

Standard Rate

1 Day: $425

1 Week: $1400

4 Weeks: $3075

*All Skid steer rentals come with a tank upon drop off, and the customer is responsible to refuel the machine as needed throughout rental.

Select the Start Date and End Date for your rental.

Skid Steer T66



A skid steer is a compact, rigid-framed machine with lift arms used to attach a variety of labor-saving tools or attachments. It’s commonly employed in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other industries. The distinguishing feature of a skid steer is its ability to turn by skidding or dragging its wheels or tracks independently of the direction of travel.