Boom Lift Rentals for Roofing Companies in West Palm Beach, FL

Any experienced roofer will tell you that no two roofs are alike. There’s also a lot to consider when you approach a roofing project. Of course, one of the biggest challenges is typically the height and steepness of the roof. The roofing process means looking closely to see if the roofer can reach all the places they need.

Some roofing companies will opt to use boom lift rentals for roofing projects, especially those extra high or extra steep ones that make it dangerous for workers. If you’re a roofing contractor and are interested in boom rentals, read on to learn what to consider when renting a boom lift.

Construction site with multiple cranes, roofing equipment rental
Worker standing on an aerial lift platform, a part of roofing equipment rental, against a clear sky.

What Is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is a type of lift that helps workers in reaching high elevations. The boom has a small bucket or work platform in the air for the worker.

The worker can remain safe in the boom lift while still being raised to a higher elevation to reach wherever is needed.

There are different types of booms, which are based on how the arm of the boom raises up and types of bases for the unit.

Types of Boom Lifts
To Consider

If you want to use the boom lift model for a roofing job, you want to use the machine that will get you the location of the roof you need to access most easily. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of boom lifts.

Most boom lifts are considered a type of aerial lift, but there are other aerial lifts that are not boom lifts, the scissor lift being an example of this.

For a roofing job, often an articulating boom is going to be the boom of choice. This type of boom is also sometimes referred to as the “knuckle boom lift” or “cherry picker”.

This means the boom has more flexibility to raise and even turn to get to hard-to-reach spots. Think of an articulating boom like a finger with multiple joints that can bend and move at several different spots.

A telescoping lift can often go to higher heights than an articulating boom. However, with a telescoping lift, you can’t do the same bending of the reach arm. Imagine a telescoping lift like a telescope that continues to extend in length to meet its reach.
Articulated boom lift operating inside a construction site for roofing equipment rental.
Aerial work platform for city communication repair

Questions to Ask to Get the Right Boom Lift

As you consider renting a boom lift for your roofing job, there are some important questions to consider, including:

  • How high do you need to reach?
  • Will the boom need to go across rough terrain?
  • Which is more appropriate: a telescopic or articulating boom?
  • How much space is there to move the machine around on the ground?
  • Is there any slope to consider for the boom?
  • Do you need to just go up or do you also need to reach too?
One important question to also ask is who will operate the machine. If your roofing crew is operating the boom lift, will they need safety training?

Choose the Right Boom Lift Rentals for Roofing

A boom lift can be highly beneficial on a roofing job site to get to those hard-to-reach spots. Make sure you talk with an equipment specialist so they can help you get the right machine for your job. If you need boom lift rentals for a roofing job, we can help. Contact us today to get more information on our boom rentals.
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