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Boom Lift Rentals for Tree Service Companies in West Palm Beach, FL

Could a boom lift rental provide the most economical way of accessing the high-grade machinery you need for tree service work? For many tree service companies in West Palm Beach, FL, boom lift rentals enable them to enjoy all the benefits of top-grade lifts when needed, without picking up the tab for purchase, maintenance, and repairs. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why boom lift rentals for tree service operations are a cost-effective, convenient option.

boom lift trimming a tree beside a road
forklifts operating in a modern warehouse in West Palm Beach with goods stacked on pallets.

Get Access to Top-of-the-Range Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are expensive pieces of machinery that are a significant outlay for a business. In many cases, businesses purchasing a lift will opt for the cheapest option, rather than the one that gives the best performance, fuel efficiency, or versatility.

In comparison, when you hire a boom lift, you can choose from modern, premium models from top manufacturers. Not only does this mean your operator experience will be more pleasant, but it also means you’re using a fully maintained, high-grade machine that you can depend on. Up-to-date boom lifts provide exceptional performance, as well as benefit from the newest safety features available.

Hire the Right Boom Lift for the job

When you hire, you can pick the boom lift that will work best for the tree service job you’ve got coming up. From lifts that operate safely on gradient or on uneven ground to lifts that can move laterally, rotate, or reach the height you need, there is a wide range of options available.

Having the option to hire a suitable boom lift enables your tree service operation to take on a wider variety of jobs. With the right boom lift, you can tackle challenging projects successfully and safely. You’ll also find that tree servicing work often takes less time than previously, as the boom lift gives fast, reliable access to the part of the tree you need to work on.

Rent an 8K 42FT Telehandler, branded skytrak, with its boom extended against a blue sky.
A telehandler, with an extended boom on a construction site

Greater Safety

Using slings and ropes to work on the tree when you’re secured to it is a high-risk way of working. You never know when a branch may give way, or a harness may fail. In comparison, a lift platform is much safer.

Why risk your safety or that of your team? A hired boom lift gives your crew a safer working environment.

Zero Maintenance or Repair Costs

All the boom lifts for hire from South FL Equipment Rentals are rigorously maintained and serviced. Scheduled checks ensure that you hire a safe, reliable machine that won’t let you down. We make sure every machine is in top condition. Any minor issues are dealt with as they arise, and our machines are always checked before we hire them out.

Get in touch with the team at South FL Equipment Rentals to find out more about high-caliber boom lift rentals for tree service companies in West Palm Beach, FL.

Telescopic forklift used for construction with a raised boom near a building