What Safety Features Do Your Boom & Scissor Lifts Include?

Red cherry picker extended upwards between two buildings under a cloudy blue sky.

The world of aerial work platforms has evolved dramatically. Gone are the days of precarious balancing acts at heights. Nowadays, the gear we use for reaching the skies is decked out with a suite of protective measures aimed at shielding users from gravity’s treacherous pull. From harnesses that embrace like guardian angels to smart systems […]

Solving Equipment Breakdowns: Our Rental Period Strategy

A telehandler, with an extended boom on a construction site

Imagine the frustration. You’re on a tight schedule, and your equipment suddenly decides it’s taking an unplanned holiday. It happens more often than you’d think in the world of heavy machinery rentals. So, how does our company address equipment breakdowns or malfunctions during the rental period? We’ve all been there. The moment when time seems […]